Stylish Window Ideas

Posted By on Nov 21, 2015

Dressing up your windows is an integral part of decorating your homes and offices. However much the furniture and decorative pieces may make them beautiful, without the perfect curtains or blinds, it looks incomplete. Fauxwoods Blinds is a blog that’s out there to help you with exactly the same. In managing their details from the material, size, style, expenditure, according to your requirements, you need to keep in mind some basic...

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Installing Window Blinds

Posted By on Nov 5, 2015

In recent times the usage of vertical blinds have increased too much, that everyone wants them at their places. Earlier vertical blinds were used for only commercial purposes like in showrooms, hotels etc., but nowadays these are being very popular for the residential purposes also. They are available in a wide range of material, colors, patterns, quality and rates. Today all the curtains are replaced with blinds leaving the curtains...

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How to make Window Blinds

Posted By on Sep 30, 2015

There are many varieties of Window Blinds available to add the stylish look to your house. They are even available online in various themes, it may be a wooden blind or some fancy shade that match your home decor instead of high maintenance curtains. Now a day’s many people are selecting these Window blinds instead of the curtains. These blinds are not only been used in corporate places but are also seen in individual houses which are...

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How to Install Window Blinds

Posted By on Sep 1, 2015

Not just to measure faux window blinds, it is also important to know its installation. It’s easy and quick with a few hours spending in using some basic inexpensive tools and a little expertise over household setting work; to make your house a little more private and have better day light control. A long ladder some extension brackets and wall anchors for your screw to hold up your mounting brackets are must for outdoor installations....

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Window blinds have a way of adding a stylish appeal to your home while serving their purpose. With many people now opting for window blinds instead of heavy duty, high maintenance curtains, there are many options that are available online in various themes. Whether it is a wooden blind you fancy or something that blends into the walls with a neutral shade, there are many varieties on offer. What you do need to keep in mind, however,...

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