Hire Professional Racking Solutions

Posted By amanda Grand on Jan 16, 2017

A professional company mainly focuses on providing high quality and most expedient solutions for warehouse pallet, shelving, and storage. All the goods of this team completely fulfil the Australian codes and standards. To meet the user needs and requirements, professional firms develop pallet racking and shelving in different sizes. By using a range of lengths and types of pallet racking and shelving, clients can customise those products for their warehouses. After completing the pallet racking set up the process, such companies also offer safety materials for proper maintenance.

Carpet Racking

Drive-In Racking

Cantilever Racking

Mezzanine Racking

Warehouse Racking

Pallet racking is used in warehouses to store things in an organised manner only then it gives beautiful looks to the viewers. Any experienced company would stand on top in providing pallet racking at an affordable cost. Their team also provides various racking options comprises of selective, push back, pallet flow, cantilever, double deep, and vertical racking. Also, they offer installation services. Among the racking types, selective racking is commonly preferred by all clients in Australia. Experts provide a broad range of pallet racking to the customers based on beam length, box sections, connector and, load rating.

Types of Racking solutions are given below:

Selective Racking, Push back racking, double deep racking, Pallet flow racking, vertical racking, cantilever racking, and Mezzanine racking.

This company also provides some accessories for pallet racking are Beam Clips, Splice Kits, End Row Protector, Corner guards, Z clips, Stand-off brace, Frame ties, pallet racking feet, chipboard, mesh decks, safety bollards, and board support bars.

Shelving Systems

This company provides shelving for all places such as office, warehouse, factory, home, etc.  In Melbourne, any top company is responsible for making high-quality Shelving and racking.

These companies’ teams also develop different types of Shelving such as Gondola, Rivet, RUT, Cool room, mobile, and compact shelving.  Some of the accessories are parts, trays, stackable parts bins, rolled type louvred panels, etc.

Long Span Shelving

For Garages and sheds, long span shelving is a perfect choice. Long span shelving is available in various sizes based on loading limits, beam lengths, frame heights, and bay depths.

Services for offering

Clients can ask this company for routine repairs and audits for their products. If there is any damage in pallet racking, service team will give proper solution to correct the damage. Besides, a professional company offers all safety measures that are needed to follow, and they have some accessories such as trays, bins, panels, kits, etc.


In warehouse environments, repairs to pallet rack are the common issue. Experts do provide excellent services in this regard. The main aim of such teams is to maintain the developed products as per the Australian Standards.

Repairs occur in pallet racking

Replacing damaged brace, Splicing Frames, Replacing damaged feet, replacing damaged columns, Re-drilling frames

Protection for every pallet racking may differ so a professional team provides all types of safety accessories once the pallet set up process is completed.

Safety reviews

Regular Safety audit is mandatory for warehouse racking because it is important to maintain the rack in good condition only then employees can work freely and handle the rack quickly. Moreover, the rack must be inspected by hired racking companies, once in a year and provide rack reports, safety advice, repair work, etc.